Before you can send payments to Eway, you must first set the Eway Public API keys. Refer to these Eway articles for creating and accessing this information in your MyEway console:

How do I set up my Sandbox API Key and password?
How do I set up my Live Eway API Key and Password?

Then copy the Pay Now Button Public API Key from MyEway to the settings page:

Settings > Pay Now Button for Eway

Pay Now Button settings

Licence key

Your licence key gives you access to automatic updates for one year. Updates include bug fixes and new features, and they keep your software working with WordPress upgrades too. Please copy your licence key from your invoice email and paste it here. After saving the settings, please activate your licence so that you can receive update notifications and automatic updates. You will be sent an email before your licence expires, offering a discount on renewal of the licence.

Other settings

You can also change some other settings here to change how buttons behave throughout your website. Many settings can also be changed directly in shortcodes or in the widget, which can be more flexible if you have multiple buttons.

Currency code

If your Eway account supports multiple currencies, you can set which currency to use for your website. Use the 3-letter code for the currency, e.g. AUD for Australia dollars or GBP for British pounds.

You should leave this setting empty if your Eway account does not support multiple currencies.

Button label

You can change the default button label to something that better suits your website payments. For example, a donation button might say “Donate” rather than “Pay Now”. To show the payment amount in the button label, add #amount# somewhere in the label (including the “#” characters).

Result URL

If you want successful payments to redirect your customers to a special page, you can add the URL for that page here.

Allow Edit

Tick this to let your customers add their email address and phone number directly on the payment form.

Show Fields

Most of the time, you’ll want your customers to enter some information before clicking the Pay Now button. You can enable one or more of these fields and they will display above the button.

Require Fields

If you show some fields for your customers to enter information, you most likely want to require them to enter something in the fields. Set this to yes and you customers won’t be able to pay without entering all the required information.

Button Colours

You can tailor the button colours to better suit your website.