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Why should I buy the plugin?

Eway give you code that you can paste straight into your website. You can copy the code straight from your MyEway console. Eway have simple documentation for customising the Pay Now button too. So why buy this plugin?

Scripts can get messy in WordPress

Sometimes scripts pasted into the WordPress editor can break. It can be a conflict with a plugin, or the theme, or just something funny happens in the editor. As a rule, it’s not a good idea to paste JavaScript into the WordPress editor. This plugin lets you use a simple WordPress shortcode to put Pay Now buttons into your pages and posts.

A button in a widget

Most WordPress themes offer various widget zones including sidebars and header / footer widget zones. The plugin lets you easily add a Pay Now Button to a widget zone, and customise it in seconds.

Centralise your settings

You can centralise your settings with the plugin. There’s just one place to put your public API key, so you if you have multiple Pay Now buttons, you don’t have to keep finding the API key to add to your buttons. If you need to change your public API key later, there’s only one place where you need to do that.

You can also easily change other button settings, enable some optional fields, and use colour pickers to change the button colours.

Optional fields

The Eway Pay Now button is just a button. If you want to let your customers enter some data like invoice references or amounts, normally you need to write some code. The plugin does that bit for you, so you just need to turn on the optional fields you want:

  • amount
  • email address
  • phone number
  • invoice reference
  • invoice description

See the Pay Invoice button example to see what that looks like.

Customer-entered amounts

The Eway Pay Now button needs an amount to process. If you want to let your customers enter the amount, it’s as simple as a widget or a shortcode with the plugin. This simple shortcode does it:

[paynow_button_eway label="Donate" fields="amount"]

And here’s what that looks like.

You can even try it, with a test card number like 4444333322221111. This one is connected to the Eway sandbox, so no real charges will be recorded.