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Can customers change the amount?

When accepting donations or invoice payments, you often want to allow customers to type in the amount. You can do that by adding an Amount field. If you also specify the amount, that will be the default amount and the customer can change it. If you don’t specify the amount, the customer will have to type in the amount to make a payment.


For the shortcode, add an attribute for fields like this:

[paynow_button_eway label="Donate #amount#" fields="amount"]

Here’s what that looks like:

You can even try it, with a test card number like 4444333322221111. This one is connected to the Eway sandbox, so no real charges will be recorded.


For the widget, it’s even easier: just tick the option for showing the customer-entered amount:

Widget field options
Widget field options

For all Pay Now buttons

If you want all Pay Now buttons to allow customers to enter the amount, you can tick the option for the customer-entered amount field on the settings page.